Cute guys that turns out to be gay…the sad life…

by withlovecarlacompleto

Don’t you just hate it when you see a perfectly handsome, attractive, sexy guy and the worst thing happens…they are GAY!!!!

Ugh!!! Why does that happen? I mean don’t get me wrong I have nothing against gay people but I swear it’s just a shame how an attractive looking man can turn gay or is gay! Can there be a label that says “I’m gay” & “I’m straight” so that we women can identify? Haha just kidding. But seriously….why???  

For example I had this crush…he’s not my crush anymore. He’s gwapo I swear (gwapo means cute) he has a really cute and nice smile. Everyone and when I mean everyone I meant from my friends to the people I know and to the people who has seen a picture of him tells me he is gay not only for the way he looks but the way he acts. Ugh! I didn’t want to believe because it’s kinda wrong of me to assume if he’s gay or not. But now I kinda feel maybe he is…but why?????? Ugh!!!! You are such a cutie! Oh well maybe moving on to my other crush (I hope the other one isn’t gay).

Every time I see a guy here in Iloilo City who is cute, handsome, attractive, tall, and everything handsome in between I automatically assume that he’s gay because every guy that I have a crush on they turn out to be gay or they’re already gay. Hay naku (that means Oh my gosh)! 

I need and want a guy to make me be kilig once in awhile. (kilig means to have butterflies in your tummy)

Where are all of them cuties in Iloilo City at?