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Do what makes you happy. Travel the world. Eat as much as you can. Love the people that loves you. Ignore the ones who put so much negative in your life. Be fun, crazy, outgoing, carefree, simple, and a little bit bad. Be classy and a little bit sassy. Be real. Be yourself. Smile. Be positive…

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I know everyone is jealous of someone out there I know I’m jealous of other people who are great at dancing, who can sing, has a great butt, someone who is hot and curvy, jealousy is normal for everyone. The only bad scenario of being jealous is when you take it too far, you go for great measures to ruin someone or something.  I’ve always noticed that you were jealous of me, of course you’ll never admit that but you are and I can see it.  I just never thought you’d go that far to ruin something.  I know you’re happy because you’ve accomplished whatever you wanted to accomplish.  It’s just sad that it came from you out of all the people I had in mind and it was you.  All I know now is that I have to watch what I have to say and be careful who I can trust.  That’s a lesson learned for me.  Being jealous and envious are a horrendous trait! I don’t know how to cure that, only you can cure that for yourself.

xoxo, C


This Turkish Guy…

So there was this Turkish guy that my friend has and they’re really great friends where they’ve known each other since they were kids. Well he asked how her friends are like in the Philippines so she had this picture of the two of us. I was wearing shorts while she was wearing this gorgeous black floral dress.  Well anyways he asked her for my number and asked her if I was an EASY girl. Nice question dude…hahaa but no…I’m not an easy girl. You know the saying “Stop playing hard to get?” Well I am hard to get. But yes he asked my friend that.  Anyways, he chatted me up first, wow surprising haha. Some guts eh? Well we exchange pictures (safe nice pictures okay?) We talked had great conversations. Learned how to say a few words in Turkish…damn that language is DIFFICULT TO WRITE AND PRONOUNCE!

Well…slowly I was liking the guy…not to worry I wasn’t falling for him. He’s a good guy to share a conversation. What can I say I had butterflies in my stomach.  But you know nothing lasts forever sadly our conversations and exchanging pictures and asking about each other’s night and day had to end…somewhere. Thanks…friend!

I’ll NEVER play truth or dare…never! Honestly if you’ve never dared me to do that…we would be talking now. But…we’re not, so I hope everyone is happy. He probably hates my guts or he’s just being such a sensitive guy. I said my apologies and nothing. NADA. ZILCH. NONE. NO ANSWER 😦

All that worry for nothing. I literally wrote what I wanted to say and rehearsed it like an idiot donkey.

I am really sorry though.

Sometimes I miss talking to you…I know sounds weird/crazy but I doubt you do…cuz you’re just a guy.


withlovemisscc ❤

Are you bored?

Perhaps you are! I’m not buying your bullshit though. A good girl like me can play bitches games too! You know what they say once a good girl gone bad she gone forever.
Tough luck for you!

What I hate the most or simply bugging me

I really hate it when people all of a sudden like what you like, that bugs the skin out of me.

I also don’t like it when you’re trying to kiss up. I could tell if you’re trying to over do it.

Be your own individual I’m already taken!

Hate how people brag they have so many followers or they have 10k friends on Facebook, sweetie not one will care when you’re at the edge of the cliff. Remember that!

Don’t like it when GIRLS wear a mini clothes and they complain how short it is, no shit Sherlock then why wear it the first place! Duhh common sense!

I honestly don’t have respect for people who shows their tits to random guys over the Internet.

I hate how people fish for compliments. If you’re pretty they will tell you. But if you’re ugly well, you’ll know!

I don’t like how women can get pregnant after another kid when they don’t even nourish the other baby!

I don’t like how people buy pets and they don’t care and love them. Might as all not buy one right?

Actually there are more but I’m getting sleepy.

Night! Toodles xoxo

Communication is very important!

You know what can destroy a relationship with anyone? Lack of communication and misunderstanding! Before you jump to the final conclusion get your facts straight and make sure that it is correct instead of pointing your fingers and accusing others. And also when you are at fault apologize to the other person with sincerity! And also if the other person is at fault don’t nag to them that they did something wrong, why because it is really annoying.

I usually check and write my stuff in my phone

So usually I post stuff up on my phone because its with me on the go but usually I don’t pay attention to who likes my blogs and who follows me. Although its kinda funny how every second there’s a vibration that’s coming from my phone. I always recheck of course and there’s like 10 likes on my post which I appreciate that you guys enjoy browsing my page 😃 I never really expect that anyone would like it since I just made this blog so that my mind can breathe. Since I deleted my tumblrblog and I totally forgot my password in my blog spot I thought start something new, something fresh and that’s how I started this blog. I like sharing my stories and pictures who are interested to read and learn about them. I don’t post to gain followers. I’m not those crazy attention seekers that puts “follow for follow” I like to think that people follow your blog because they have an interest on what you write or your blog is interesting to look at. Not because you hunted them and say “please like and follow my blog” I mean I could have thousands of followers or a thousands of post and one follower it makes no difference to me. If you like what I have to post then awesome, if not, then sorry you came to the wrong page. But I am Carla Completo and this is my blog. I think I will keep this for now hehe. I’m no pro blogger I’m just a simple girl who tries to live a simple life and likes to write her life story out because its therapy for me. Thanks for reading!!

Carla ❤