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Month: June, 2013

I’m Scared…

I’m really scared to get my heart broken 😦

Maybe he’s found someone new, someone better than me. I mean come on he’s mature and I’m just this young innocent girl who’s still in school. Maybe he wants someone who’s more experienced and his age. I’m just scared to put my heart out there even though I know I shouldn’t but this LDR sucks 😦

I hope all this over thinking is wrong… because it’s driving me crazy.

I’m gonna put myself to gym so that I won’t be checking my phone all the time. I reminded myself not to expect anything. If he text you back then be happy but if he doesn’t then it’s whatever but I’m not gonna stop asking him how he is or how his day is because if anything happens I know for sure I did my part. I just hope nothing happens bad.  If our relationship ended I would probably be really numb. I’d probably just have a boring life. School and home. But this is scaring me 😦 I’m going to give myself a week if he starts talking or not. If he doesn’t then…I know where I stand. 


Gullible much? I think so…

The things that I really hate the most is when you have this friend who believes EVERYTHING what someone tells them and then tells other people about what those other people have told them. I hate hate hate hate that! In this world you can’t be too trusting and gullible. People are scandalous. Some are traitors. Some and liars. Majority of those people who spread false information about others are insecure and have nothing to do with their lives and are pathetic! If your life is boring maybe you should do something productive instead of messing with someone else’s happiness.

So what if they do drugs. So what if they’re dating so and so. So what if his/her parents can only afford this. So what if she’s a gold digger. So what if they’re like that.  Are you paying for their school? Are you feeding them? Are you the one who is taking care of them? NO. If the answer is NO then you have no right to interfere in their life. Stop talking shit on other people.  And if you know how use your own brain you would know how to think for yourself and not BELIEVE everything you hear!  Because you know what? Not everything you hear is true! Come on now, you’re smart, use YOUR OWN BRAIN!

If you got a good girl with you…don’t ever let her go!

UNLESS you want someone else to have her. We good girls are not hard to find, you actually have to really dig and find us an actually take your time to get to know us because there’s not many left. There’s only those EASY girls who are easy to be teased.  There’s a lot of girls who act as if they are good but they’re not really good.  If you find a genuine good heart girl, I suggest you keep her and never let her go because if you do…that will be the biggest mistake of your life and that is a promise!

Last year

Last year when I was still in the Philippines and whenever I would see my crush I would feel all happy and giddy.  But now, I’m all about this guy and this guy and this guy (all the same guy) and no crush haha.

Honestly, I’m happy with who I’m with ❤

The day i get to see you again will be the happiest I will ever be. 

Because you’re totally worth it. I mean worth more than the other guys I’ve had a thing for. 

You? you are different and I like you…okay more than like.

Good night then


No matter where we are in the world know that I will always miss you! Distance fucking sucks! If I had money I’d be there in a heartbeat but unfortunately I’m a poor woman 😦 

Nothing is gonna change. To be honest, you’re the only person I’ve spent my most time on. 

Ahhh I miss you! And I know for a fact you miss me too but ugh I swear I wished I had a futuristic boat that could take me to California in like right NOW!!!!

I write to write. I don’t write to gain followers

I write what I WANT to write not because I write so that people could follow me. I follow other bloggers in here because I like their post not because to gain followers. To be honest, I don’t even know if people are following me or if people unfollowed me.  I just know that I write because I’m happy or I’m sad.  But I appreciate those who take the time to read what I write.  Don’t follow me to gain a follower, follow me because you like what you read. I could care less about the followers here in wordpress because half the time I don’t even check, the moment I log in, is the moment I write.  I like this more than tumblr or any blogging site.

Oh and comments and other stuff…I hardly check them but I do approve majority of them.

Thanks for reading my stuff 😉

Good night!

Need to keep myself busy

So I know this is so wrong of me. I don’t want to feel like I’m a nagger or that type of girlfriend who’s clingy. I mean I say I’m not clingy but from what I see from my actions I think I am when it comes to a bf/gf relationship.  It’s not good.  I don’t want to be a nagger nor a clingy gf. Maybe I should take the time off messaging him. I don’t want him to think like I’m this crazy girl who’s always checking up on him.  I know for a fact that he’s super busy with his work and I should be an understanding girl.  Come on 2 jobs is hard to do. So I think I should just take a deep breath and calm down.  If he says he cares he obviously does.  Nothing is gonna go wrong. I should just stop over thinking.  Maybe I need a hobby.  I’ve always wanted to start an finish a scrapbook.  So I’m thinking of starting one.  I’m going to develop all my summer pictures and put them in a scrapbook and make it all pretty and creative. For now I need to keep myself busy and preoccupied.  I can’t be always checking my phone if he replies to me or not because I know one thing’s for sure…he’s busy.  I guess that’s the hardest thing about being away.  You don’t know if they’re thinking about you or missing you.  But sometimes okay majority of the time I do over think myself and it’s not good.  This is harder than what I thought it would be. It’s not like I don’t trust him. I trust him.

Things to keep me busy.

1. Start and finish my summer scrapbook

2. Focus on losing and being fit (go to a nice gym and get informed)

3. Save up money…I really really have to try

4. Be busy with school

5. Do some chores around the house

6. Bake something

7. and others….

I just need to remind myself that nothing bad will happen.  Be an understanding girl. 

This distance can either drive me crazy. I don’t know people can do it. Props to those people though. Oh gosh help me.  I’m stronger than this. I shouldn’t let emotion control me.

Wish me luck… 

The Sweetest Ever

I always enjoy every chance I get to talk to you even for just a few hours or a few minutes 🙂

You’re the sweetest ever ❤

Even if I’m here here in the Philippines and you are 7,285 miles away from me there’s always that one thing that makes us close…which is skype 😀

I always enjoy my company with you & I really really really wish that one day I’m gonna see you again! I miss you so much! Words will never describe how much I miss you!

Sometimes I wonder…out of all the beautiful, hot girls in the world…why me? 

But all I know is you’re so worth my time & I hope I am too.  You’re the first one I’ve spent so much time on & I hope it’s not a mistake.

I miss you my sweetheart ❤


You know what I realize? Distance means nothing when someone means a lot to you.

Talking about my past ex boyfriend! Seriously dude I was away for two months and you’re complaining how hard it would be to communicate with me. He lived in California and I was on vacation in the Philippines for two months and you couldn’t wait for me, for two months?! You said you had a job. Just one job. It’s not complicated. You said it would be hard to communicate with me because you didn’t know the time difference. There is google, you could always check google and search up the time difference in California to the Philippines. It’s not that hard.  Distance is just a number. Sure it’s hard to be in a long distance but if I mattered to you, you would have worked to save it not the other way around.  You know the saying “love isn’t measure by distance, distance is just a number, if you mattered to someone that much, they’ll work around it.”  Apparently you didn’t make it into my life, which I’m glad.

Now there’s this guy that I currently like okay more than like. He makes me smile. I don’t know how he does it but he does. Despite the fact that he is very tired from his work he always manages to make time for me. He always talks to me, skypes me whenever he’s free and doesn’t count the minutes on how long we’ve been on skype. He asks about how my day is and whatever. We are far from each other yet he makes an effort. If you want me to be part of your life, you better put me there. I’m not a second option. And this guy doesn’t make me an option. And maybe there’s a reason why I like this guy…

For now, I’m very content with my life. I miss him like crazy. I hope he’ll wait for me as much as he says he would. We will both just see.  Time will only tell what’s in store for me and that someone 😉

His name? will still be a mystery….hahaha

Trust & Communication is KEY

If you don’t trust your boyfriend/girlfriend then why be with them? Why waste your time wondering and stressing yourself out if they’re with other girls/guys.  You need to be able to TRUST them.  Especially if you are in a long distance relationship. Be a loyal gf/bf to them.  Trust them and let them trust you. Without trust in a relationship it just fails.  Communication is key to a great relationship.  Always talk to them what you feel or what bothers you.  Tell them you love them, tell them what your day was like, tell them you miss them, tell them anything.  Without communication what is a relationship?  Sure you need to love one another but being IN love and TRUST and COMMUNICATION is different. Without Trust and Communication how can your love grow?

If you’re not ready to be committed don’t take it. You want to hook up? Hook up then.  But if you’re not ready to open up your heart to someone, don’t open it to someone who then will care for you and then later on in life, you break their heart.

It takes 2 to work out a relationship, not one.  So build that trust and that communication with your significant other 🙂