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Month: April, 2013

Friends in Cali & Friends in the Philippines

You know the saying…”you can have as many friends you want in your life but there are only those few people who will stick in your life through thick and through thin.”

Well let’s just say that I grew up in California & I love it here 🙂
My life is here and this where I belong. I love my family and friends here. I’ve been through a lot of things here and there.  Anyways, my friends here in California are the BEST 🙂 They are just there for me when I need them for moral support and for physical support.  They don’t ask for anything in return and they are funny as hell.  And most of all they stick up for me, and they don’t take any shit from anyone and and they are nice, funny, caring, down to earth, random and just down.  They don’t ask for much and neither do I and that’s what I like.  Friends should be like that right? And…when we go out we pay KKB which means WE PAY FOR OUR SHARE!  And they treat me out 🙂  And when I need advice they listen, they give out advice and opinions not to put me down.  And they DON’T ever ask me for money. They might be broke as hell but we know better.  They just have something that I don’t think I could ever replace, I don’t think I could just pick a friend in the Philippines and replace one of my closest friends in California. My friends in Cali knows me I think way too well. And those are friends are irreplaceable. ❤

Friends in the Philippines…well actually I only have a few that I can say are close to me.  But they aren’t the same.  Why? It’s just that I have experienced of mad talking shit behind me and people ARE SO JUDGMENTAL over there.  Before you talk they talk like they know your life story.  And just because I’ve told you about my life they think they know everything.  They think I’m made of MILLION BUCKS because I live in the United States. It blows. It sucks.  Sometimes I don’t even know in who to confide.  When I tell them about my life, sometimes they use it against me.  I mean what kind of friend is that, right? And when I’m crushing on someone, some aren’t even supportive and some say “ewww he’s ugly” I mean there are nicer way to say it you know? People there in the Philippines are just…different.

To be honest…if I can stay friends with someone from my elementary until now in college in California and I can’t stay with a friend that I’ve only known for a couple of months in the Philippines then I don’t know what to say.

Oh life…sometimes I wished it came with an instruction


A guy with a SMILE and that EYES can make me really blush!

The first thing I notice about a guy is their smile or their eyes but either way it’s either or.  But I can definitely go crazy for a guy’s smile! If I don’t see a smile I go for their eyes and vice versa.  But honestly I can see a guy from far away if he has a nice smile it’s like I have this detector, if you know what I mean.  

And whenever that guy has a nice smile I can never look at them, my stomach does this millions of cartwheels inside me, it’s crazy! And I can never have an eye contact with them because I know for sure I’ll just blush over and over again.  That’s my weakness when it comes to guys their smile and eyes can make me have all this crazy butterflies fluttering inside my stomach.  


I’d rather be fat than be mistaken to be anorexic

Some people don’t know how to keep their mouth shut or they don’t know when to put their foot down! You know if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it because if you say something disrespectful? Well expect a disrespectful answer! And to think of it, that my own friend would say that?! Wow, I swear I really need to let some people in my life go. Why do I keep wasting my time on them? 

Have you ever seen a person who’s in a vacation watch their diet? They are in vacation! Let them have fun, let them enjoy, let them do what they want to do! I mean I honestly have not met anyone who watched their diet while they’re on vacation unless you are like one of those self conscious people who count their calories before eating. I AM ON A VACATION!!! 

So what if I’m getting fat on my vacation? I’m enjoying! Why the need to say it? I’m pretty sure I know it already. The next time you feel shitty, I should return the favor. Let’s see how you feel. I’ll be here for another month so therefore I’m going to enjoy every moment I have. Why do I need to worry? And why are you worrying about my LIFE? Don’t YOU have a life? Worry about yours! 

But here’s the thing. I can lose my fat easy. That is why there is called a gym? And once I get my weight back on track, next thing I know you will be the one calling me gym-a-holic. 

I’M ON A FREAKING VACATION Let me be. It’s been a year and 6 freaking months that I haven’t been home! Do you know how hard that is? No I don’t think you know! I have people that misses me here back home in California, but wait, will your friends miss you if you went away? Hmm…if you keep treating your friends like that…well…we’ll know the answer right?


**Just some random rant I needed to say***

Going out tonight to watch a concert :)

Hey guys I’m going to watch the Side A concert with my Tita 🙂

Happy Sunday 🙂


I gave up on my crush from Olive Garden :/

So basically I have given up on this guy. I honestly thought he’s nice, down, chill and what not kind of guy but my assumptions are wrong. Maybe he’s not nice. I sent him a message and I know for a fact that he’s online but he just won’t reply back to me. 😦 And he is the only person that I get excited when I see him online or if he replies back but now I’m just whatever with it. He’s probably seen it but just doesn’t want to read it. So by reading between the lines he is not interested. I mean I didn’t want to get ahead of himself and ask for a relationship. But maybe that’s what he thought. Maybe he thinks I’m a crazy, psychotic girl 😦

So therefore, that olive garden cutie waiter, how will you ever know I had a crush on you? When I’m probably gone to the Philippines…

I’m Sorry By: Carla Completo

Another poem I found in my memory box. 🙂

I’m sorry for the way I acted around you.
I’m sorry if I’m not the girl for you.
I’m sorry that you’re too good for me.
I’m sorry if I’m not perfect.
I’m sorry if I make mistakes. 
I’m sorry if I’m not pretty enough.
I’m sorry to disappoint you.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for you.
But I’m not sorry for loving you.



Missing You By: Carla Completo

So this poem is dedicated to my Grandpa 🙂
May he rest in paradise. It has been 7 years gone and I still miss him. I wrote this a long time ago and I just found it. I wrote it when I was in the plane going home to the Philippines. I was really devastated when I heard about the news. So therefore I put my thoughts and feelings on paper.  I miss my Lolo a lot! Please do not take this as your own. I will find you!


Sometimes I cry myself to sleep thinking of you of how much I love you so much.
Oh how I wish you could be by my side, I know that you would always be with us, guiding us and watching over us.
I sure hope you are at peace in heaven where you truly belong.
I would never change a thing about you, my one and only grandpa that I adore.
You are the best thing that has ever happened to all of us.
I could never ask for more.
I thank God that he brought you into this world.
Now I pray to God to keep you safe and at peace.
I don’t really know how to express my feelings but I hope you you are here
Spiritually here with me, I miss you so much Lolo Poleon.




Reality By: Carla Completo

This is a poem I wrote when I think I was in sophomore year? I was cleaning up my room and I discovered all the poems I wrote. Emo much? Okay not all but just some. I wasn’t emo in high school. It’s just when I was alone and I saw or felt something I just had to write what I felt. So I’m going to share some with you guys 🙂 Please do not take credit. Thanks. Smootches :*


I close my eyes & think of you
I drift away from reality
It seems so real
I can feel it, it feels so right.
I want to be with you
Hold me tight and never let go.
But it was just a dream,
A beautiful dream that I cannot own.


Camping with family in Indio

I went camping with my family in Indio. It’s really fun and I enjoyed it very much. The place was nice and it was my first time experiencing camping life.
I like how you can use your phone to take pictures and you can upload it in a quick second.
Here is my lovely camping trip with my family 🙂





























When it comes to confessing how I feel about someone? I’m a wuss :(

Whenever I have a crush on anyone. If I really like someone in particular I can’t stop looking at their picture, check on their stuff and what not. I know weird and staler status right? You all probably think I’m a stalker.  But really? I’m not I’m just curious. I won’t stalk them from work to school, that’s just plain weird and freaky. 

Anyways, whenever I like someone I NEVER have the guts to tell them how I truly feel about them. I just can’t find it in myself to tell him.  Why? Because I’m scared. I’m scared to get my heart crushed :/ But then I regret it. I regret on why I didn’t tell him.  Or I regret sometimes on why I told them. It’s so complicated. I sometimes am complicated.  Sometimes I really just want to tell him but I can’t. I’m just a chicken. 😦

Or sometimes I tell them via internet which I think is super lame! Most of the time I will message it to them and then never go on for it for months so that way whatever they have to say to me, I’ll be ready for what they have to say. Or most of the time when i no longer feel anything for them I will tell them about how I felt about them when it no longer matters. I’m weird like that. 

And now I have this crush on this guy. He’s the olive garden guy that connects to my story of the Love Pimple. He’s cute and he looks nice.

I need some guidance on how to tell him how I feel. I just don’t know how. 😦

Good night lovelies 🙂