In My Perspective

Do what makes you happy. Travel the world. Eat as much as you can. Love the people that loves you. Ignore the ones who put so much negative in your life. Be fun, crazy, outgoing, carefree, simple, and a little bit bad. Be classy and a little bit sassy. Be real. Be yourself. Smile. Be positive…

Month: July, 2014

Student mode 👓📖📚

Here goes my thinking caps on.
Ugh hate studying!




Ugh! I don’t get you sometimes!
You’re like a roller coaster!
But I miss you___________________ 🙂
I miss it when u smile.

July 27, 2014 I hope to see you 😉😘


I can’t wait…


My dream car 😊😊😊😊

Someday I really would love to drive this beautiful car, this car or either an Audi car 🙂

Yeah…I’m taken…

Oops…it hurts to know that the girl you used to care so much about suddenly likes someone else right? Aww…
I just needed an excuse for you to stop talking to me. Kinda worked though 🙂

Are you bored?

Perhaps you are! I’m not buying your bullshit though. A good girl like me can play bitches games too! You know what they say once a good girl gone bad she gone forever.
Tough luck for you!

Craving fulfilled

I think I have a problem lol
No one wanted to buy me donuts so I went to go buy these babies


What do you do when your ex apologizes to you?

Answer would be great 🙂

Anyways here let me start, so me and this ex of mine well we ended in a bitter breakup. I don’t recall knowing the real reason why he wanted to break up with me, perhaps long distance? Anyways this ex of mine hits on my sister, I mean who wouldn’t get mad at that? Out of all the women in this planet you would hit on my sister?! Anyways I asked for closure because I demanded it and I deserve an explanation on what he did. In conclusion he gave me an answer, an answer which left me so mad and so angry and well if I just saw I could probably punch him in the face.
The answer went like this “bc your sister is right for me, because your sister is mature and pretty and your sister I can see her being a good role model to my daughter”
Like are you freaking kidding me? That’s your answer? I mean what kind of person are you?
Are you satisfied with your answer?
Now…now….now…. Out of nowhere you just try to contact me with your apology, what it took you months to actually realize what you did to me was actually fucked up?

Like how do you respond to something like that, like “Carla I’m sorry.”

I mean why did you say sorry, is it cuz you feel guilty of what you did? Haha you actually feel bad how you mistreated me? When all this time I gave my all to you.

Sorry or not sorry I won’t look at you the same. I will always view you as a heartless asshole! I hope you find your bitch as it matches your level to 10x max of an asshole!


In love with this new lipstick of mine 👄👄

I really love this color 😄