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Do what makes you happy. Travel the world. Eat as much as you can. Love the people that loves you. Ignore the ones who put so much negative in your life. Be fun, crazy, outgoing, carefree, simple, and a little bit bad. Be classy and a little bit sassy. Be real. Be yourself. Smile. Be positive…

Month: February, 2013

Harlem Shake, U-Week, Dance Crew, TGIF…etc

Will write everything down once the event and pictures are in my laptop…such a procrastinator lol

BTW this Harlem Shake hype is so cray bc I’m officially addicted to it (ok not an addict) but it’s in my head. But I wanna do it. It’d be so much fun!

yeah if you have instagram check my pics out bc it’s easier to upload than write because i have to gather all my thoughts. @cccsecret (instagram)

next post will be pictures & writings



On my way home from school

This is a weird and kind of creepy story…

Since the Hibao-an jeep in the molo super-mart were packed as in super packed, these ladies wanted to ride in the tricycle and since I was waiting for more than an hour for the stupid jeep I rode with them.  I sat on the back of the tricycle.Image This is the back of a tricycle & this is where I rode with another girl beside me.  Anyways while we were on the road there was this motorcycle guy behind us. Nothing particular.  Except I thought he had nice eyes, that’s it. I didn’t think of anything else.  By the way he looks Middle Eastern.  Back to my story, while the tricycle was running he was behind us of I see him because I’m in the back.  He was looking at me or at least I think he was and I don’t even know this guy. He didn’t look like a bad person or maybe I’m mistaken. He smiled at me. Which I find weird.  A nice smile not one of those creepy I’m going to raper or kill you smile. Weird again.  Anyways I didn’t think much because I was just tired.  I didn’t get why he didn’t over take us.  Then one of the passenger got off at Ana Rose so of course the tricycle that I was on had to stop us and the vehicles behind us over took us,except this dude in the motorcycle.  He was alone. No one was behind him.  And then he took out his cellphone and pretended to talk to someone.  How do I know? Because usually when you’re making a call your mouth would be moving right?  Anyways, right there I thought that it was weird that he would stop. Why didn’t he over take us? It would make sense.  So I said to myself “I’m almost going to get off, if he goes straight then I’m overreacting BUT if he makes a U-Turn then he is following me”.  So after we dropped off the passenger, I got off.  I paid the driver. Then I thought he would go straight BUT NO NO NO he made a U-Turn and stopped at the waiting shed and looked at me. Isn’t that plain weird and scary? I saw the guard and my brother waiting for me by the gate. I turned around and I saw him staring at me and then left.  So I told the guard and my brother about my incident.  They said maybe he was going to snatch my purse but he didn’t have anyone riding with him.  And they joked that maybe he likes me or I’m his type. Ummmm…okay that’s just creepy I guess.  I mean he had nice eyes.  If I see him again I’d recognize him for sure. I couldn’t get a really good look at him because he was wearing a helmet but those eyes of his are sure nice. But still. Now he knows where I live. How freaking creepy is that?! At least he doesn’t know where exactly my house is.  Thank gosh there are guards by the gate.  I just hope nothing bad comes to this.


Girls are…

Girls are like detectives we find stuff quicker than you think you already know. When we ask you a question majority of the question, we already know the answer to, we’re just making sure that you don’t lie. So when you lie that’s strike 2. It’s better to just admit, you know it saves you a lot. We girls are gossipers (some) so if you do something plan on doing it somewhere not known because otherwise people might notice you and BAM you can get busted. Someone tells so and so and it can lead to your girl and then you (boy) gets B-U-S-T-E-D not a good thing by the way. I know girls are crazy and moody but hey don’t ever mess with us when we have our you know best friend that comes every month, because we are one crazy bimbo jumbo. From one minute we’re all like omg so fun and the next we’re like bitch I hate you. So therefore, when a girl asks you something, something fishy of course, make sure you man up.

What I ate today

Since I’m dieting and eating less I haven’t been eating that much of junkie stuff, great right?

Today for breakfast
I mixed 2 bananas, 1 mango, 1 brown sugar and cinnamon oatmeal with ice and water.
For lunch
I ate a cup or 2 cups of wheat thins and 1 slice of a quese de bola cake
For dinner I ate rice with vegges  and lots of water 🙂

My Parents

Some of these will be hard for me to write so bare with me…

Let me talk about my Dad first ❤

My daddy…My daddy is the best dad well I think he is the best in my perspective not only is he a dad but he can be my friend and my mentor.  When I need someone to talk to he’s all ears, whatever the occasion is he’s there. Sometimes I may not like what he says but I listen (sometimes). We have father and daughter dates 🙂 (Which I think everyone should have with their father) He always sticks up for me, when no one believes me, he is there 100% I’m really blessed to have him as a dad. We have inside jokes that we share.  He always calls me his baby girl even though I’m 21. He gives me my freedom, tells me that just as long as I know what is right and what is wrong and that I have my limitation everything is good. But here’s the sad part, my dad always says he’s getting old well I mean everyone gets old but if you look at my dad…he doesn’t look old at all I swear hehe. My dad has prostate cancer 😦 I mean it’s a slow progress but the fact that he has cancer scares me 😦 bc I’ve already lost people. Anyways, no matter how old I am I will always be his baby girl 🙂

My mother…Hmmmm

Well my mother…My mom is a 360 degrees completely different from my dad. She is very I don’t know how to explain it because I myself can’t figure her out on my own. She’s very controlling and she worries LIKE A LOT! I love her also. But sometimes it seems like she pushes me to my limit, sometimes I feel like she’s pushing me away. She always underestimate me. It seems like she DOESN’T TRUST ME 😦 Sometimes I seem to think that I’m such a horrible kid.  But then I know I’m not. I’m a good girl. Ask my friends the ones that knows me, they’ll tell you I’m a good kid. I’ve never done drugs. I’ve never smoked in my life! I swear on my grandpa’s grave! I’ve never tried MJ or gotten high! I mean sure people’s done it but it doesn’t mean they are bad they just took the wrong path. And I’m 21 and I’m not pregnant!  But sometimes she listens to what her friends say MOST of the time and she thinks I’m just like her friends kids, who will run off and get knocked up. My mom is complicated to figure out. From the thing I know about her is her favorite word is NO, NO THIS, NO THAT! I mean I know Asian parents are strict but I have Asian friends and there parents are not like that. But I don’t know why she’s like that. I find it super sad that she doesn’t trust me. What’s the worst thing I’ve ever done? I mean if she can give me one legit reason why she doesn’t trust me then sure, you know. She probably will never know it but I get the feeling sometimes she’s just…well actually I don’t want to say the word cuz it’s quite hurtful. I can never go to her for advice or Idk for anything, because I’ve learned the hard way.  I try to be a strong girl, really I do. I mean she works really hard and I appreciate that. She buys me this and that, but I’m not into those materialistic girls. I don’t what I’ve done to make her feel this way about me. It’s not like it’s now it’s happened all throughout the year. But she’s still my mom…

My Nanay which means mother also 🙂

(people are going to wonder why I have 2 moms, actually I have 4 parents, why? BC I’m blessed…it’s a complicated story but lets leave that out)

My Nanay…She’s the most wonderful and loving and caring person ever! I miss her dearly! I cry every time I talk about her because I just think of the days that I spent with her. I miss her hugs, her smile, her laughing and most of all I just miss her! She passed away last year, 7 days after my birthday. I spent every moment with her or at least I tried since I had school. My Nanay, I miss how I can tell her anything to everything. To my friends, to my crushes and to anything.  She’s quite interested when I tell her about those stuff. She always laugh about my crazy stories with my friends.  She knew about my best friends. Whenever my mom and I don’t get along I always vent out to her and I try really hard not to cry in front of her.  I miss cuddling with her because she always strokes my hair and scratches my back until I fall asleep. I remember when I was young she would bring me to school and fetch me whenever she visit California. We always walked from my school and from home. She’s so understanding and she’s never judgmental towards me. She hardly ever gets mad. My dad says I’m just like her, I’m very patient, understanding and I always listen and try to understand things.  I guess I’m like her in some ways because I know my Nanay never really told her siblings or anyone what bothered her and I guess I’m like that too. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone about my feelings because if I do I’d just start crying. I mean sure I’ve probably told everyone because I’m writing this, but in a way it’s good because I just let something so heavy out of my chest. If i could have one wish I’d wish for her to just see her or feel her warmth touch. Rest in paradise ❤

My Tatay…Hmmm

My Tatay…Well I know that he wasn’t the best father but after my nanay passed away, I knew he tried to regain what he had lost. I mean at least he tried. Even though all those times on what he did. I forgive him. Everything was so sudden when he passed away, it was so unexpected.  Death is very unexpected and so is life. I miss both of them, my nanay and tatay ❤

So that’s that…my parents 🙂

You don’t like me? Hmm have a seat with all of them

If you don’t like me cool, I don’t wake up every morning to please you.  But snobbing me and giving me dirty looks and dogging me with your evil eyes think its so boss of you, well guess what, sweetie you must be one insecure girl! If you don’t like me I think I would understand.  But then your attitude kinda reflects as a highschooler.  If you think dogging me makes you feel better, go right ahead, because karma comes back. Now that I know the reason why, you give me dirty looks, so be it! Two can play the bitch game or whatever that is. Just don’t talk shit about me because dogging me is one thing and talking shit about me is another thing.

My first love (in a great detail)

Well let me tell you, I have never been in love…yet so therefore I can’t tel you anything about my first love because it doesn’t exist.  I mean I thought I was in love with this dude but maybe it was just infatuation for me.  I mean he was a good guy but I just knew we were from both different parties.  So for my first love? Ask me next time maybe then I’ll have an answer with a broader detail 😉


Birthday cards

For my friend a happy birthday to her ❤


Meet Miriam




New iPhone case 😍😍

I finally found one that totally suits me 😍😍 a lavender one my fave color and its girly