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Do what makes you happy. Travel the world. Eat as much as you can. Love the people that loves you. Ignore the ones who put so much negative in your life. Be fun, crazy, outgoing, carefree, simple, and a little bit bad. Be classy and a little bit sassy. Be real. Be yourself. Smile. Be positive…

Month: May, 2014

I want to go to Calaguas Island!!!! It is soooo nice so I’ve heard!



I’m gonna save save save and I’m gonna go on a trip with my friend!!!


Dear YOU that’s how I feel about you! Sincerely, ME!


New hairstyle and cut and color? Hmm Perhaps :)




So I want to dye my hair into a brown color and a blond ombre but not too light of a brown and I want a side bang 🙂 I can’t wait to do this 🙂 

Me being Vain? I guess so


So this is me…I’m Carla & this is my blog. I called my blog “In My Perspective” because what I write and post is what I like and whatever is on my mind. I’m sorry but I do not write or post stuff just so I can gain followers. I write because I want to get somethings off my chest or I write just because I feel like it. I do appreciate it that people come to my blog to read and perhaps stalk? LOL. But this is just me 🙂 
I do take selfies but I don’t post my thousands of selfies on the internet…why? Because I think it’s too much and I don’t want people to notice everything. I made this because at one point I was really bored in class. So yup this is me 🙂

If you like my blog feel free to follow me 🙂

Bambam and Janelle and Lala <3

I miss my sister and Janelle so much 😦


I miss my sister so much!

I have 3 sisters but this one is the coolest sister I know and love very dearly!

She understands me and we have so many inside jokes and she keeps me sane and drives me crazy at the same time.

Anyways I got my good night kiss from her and I gave her my good morning kiss 🙂


I wanna read this book :)


My first time meeting Shui :) (She’s a very cute friendly pug :)

So I wanted to meet my cousin’s dog and so I asked for his girlfriend to bring their pug to my house and finally I met her 🙂 

Oh my gosh she is just so darn adorable! She is so cute!

Florence told me that she pees when she’s scared or nervous or when the person she met is new.

Well in that case I just had to prove to Shui that I’m not that bad hehe. I rubbed her forehead and gave her chicken 🙂 Food always makes dogs happy hehe. So there I fed her chicken and nacho flavored chips hehe.

Meet Shui 🙂







Hi WordPress :)

Oh my it’s been so long since I’ve gone and posted. Since it’s Sunday and I have nothing to do I shall post haha.


12 Dating Behaviors I’m Done With

Thought Catalog

1. Pretending like that fart wasn’t me. Yes, I did it, and I meant it. Did you think that Chipotle burrito was going to digest itself? Besides, if you can’t deal with my farts, growing old together is pretty much out of the question. Did you see Amour? You might have to smother me with a pillow someday and keep pigeons from pooping on my decaying body. My stinky butt is so the least of your problems.

2. Being SOO “jealous” when you check someone out. Look, you’re human and have eyes. I know you want me to “perform” jealousy and be all “cute jealous,” but I really don’t care. This isn’t Othello. Also, I just checked someone out like three seconds ago. Next time, let’s just check out the hot guys together. This, my friend, is what true love is: the glory of shared objectification.

3. Pretending…

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