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Do what makes you happy. Travel the world. Eat as much as you can. Love the people that loves you. Ignore the ones who put so much negative in your life. Be fun, crazy, outgoing, carefree, simple, and a little bit bad. Be classy and a little bit sassy. Be real. Be yourself. Smile. Be positive…

Month: January, 2013

Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

The smokey mezcal really pops in this twist on a standard margarita. Make sure to use freshly squeezed lime juice only.


  • 1 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1 oz mezcal
  • 1/2 oz triple sec

Mix everything together and pour over ice. Garnish with a lime wedge.

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Dinner at Max’s restaurant with the aunties

So after school my titas asked me if I wanted to come along with them to watch a movie and of course I went along. When we got to sm city the movie that we wanted to watch was on a later time so ended having dinner at Max’s Restaurant. We ordered fried chicken with sweet potato fries, chicken sisig with atay (liver) and plain rice. It was all so good I told my titas to try the chicken sisig with atay and they all seemed to like it 😊 after eating we were all stuffed.

If you go to Max’s Restaurant you guys should try the chicken sisig with atay (liver) it’s a must!



Going home from school

It was a tiring day even though I only had two classes. But when I got home I was so happy.



My unhealthy lunch

I decided to go home today bc I’m low on cash and I’m hungry. So this is my very unhealthy lunch, when a girl is hungry she will eat anything she finds that is yummy.


Good morning world!

Good morning! It’s Thursday that means long day for me. I successfully deactivated my FB for good until March arrives. I just need a break from it and seeing other peoples. From now on I am going to update and write how I feel in here because I refuse to have any sadness in my heart especially I have nobody I can talk to.

Time to to make myself a cup of coffee and take a bath and get ready for my morning class.

Stopped talking with my sister…

So it’s been I think a month that my sister and I talked. It was a stupid post. I posted a picture of her saying a guy blocked her and she wanted to delete ASAP, I thought it be okay to post since she does post stuff up when I say those stuff. I guess putting the word BLOCKED humiliated her which I didn’t know that it would. Just the thing that bugged me the most is that she wanted it to do it quick and she went on my fb account to do it on her own time, that just bugs me. I know she only wanted to delete that picture but just the fact that someone would go to your account knowing they know your password is okay. I don’t know but that’s just one of my pet peeve. You know someones password and so if you didn like anything what they posted about you, you would get rid of it no matter if they approve or not. For me it just bugs me, maybe not for her bc she’s embarrassed or something. But look at where that got me and her, one stupid post and we aren’t talking. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. Just let her do what she needed to do. But I just knew that she would do it and I didn’t want to disappoint myself and I kept telling myself maybe maybe she wont do it, but she did and that’s just something that bugged me. If something bugged you would you held it in? I mean I did before but just the fact that ugh it just irritated me. Now look at this, we aren’t talking to each other. I sent her a message if she was mad, well obviously that was a very stupid question bc obviously she’s mad because she and I aren’t talking. Sometimes I cry because she’s the one person that I talk to when I’m sad or somethings bothering me but now I can’t do that. And yes its very hard but it’s not like its the first time that I held everything inside. Whenever I have something exciting to tell someone, I just keep them to myself or I just let it go by past me. Now it’s so weird to talk to her, why? I don’t know. I just have a feeling that she’s still mad. She probably isn’t but just that feeling. I think that’s the reason why I seldom check my facebook. I cry once in awhile but now it feels like crying doesn’t do me anything. I did say sorry to her and I believe she said “____” okay maybe I forgot what she said. But anyways, yeah me and my sister aren’t talking bc of one stupid post. Next time I should learn my lesson, don’t post pictures of anyone unless they approve because people are sentimental like me for one. But then sometimes people think its really okay to post pictures of me in their fb, maybe that’s cuz I don’t say anything. I wonder how long this will last. 2 months? or maybe even a year? who knows.

I don’t even know how she’s doing but I hope she’s doing fine. Oh well that’s life.

From now on this will be my new best friend, wordpress, writing, writing because I get to let everything out.


My lunch with me, myself and i

Late post but this was my lunch today. I went to moonleaf today instead of going home for lunch. Today I tried something new instead of wintermelon milk tea I tried peppermint milk tea. I also got my favorite chicken sandwich.


On my way home from school

Today was a long day for me. I had a class from 9am to 12pm then lunch break and then to 3pm till 5pm. Our teacher let us out early today which I was glad because I felt really sleepy and I had to go #2 if you know what that is I don’t need to explain. Anyways I got off riding the jeepney and I saw this sunset and I just had to take a picture of it. It’s quite a beauty. It’s so beautiful! Although I had a tiring day I get to see this beautiful sunset and it makes me thankful that I’m alive and I get to have another chance of life. You know god is so good even if you are having the worst day there’s always that simple thing you have to look and appreciate. Watching the sunset every time I come home means that hard work is over and resting and relaxing is here.


Someday But Not Today

As the day goes by there’s not a day or second where I don’t think about you.
Everyone assumes I’m happy go lucky everyday
But I have moments of sadness where I just shut everyone out
And I put a mask to keep rumors and gossips away.

A smile that can fool anyone.

I miss you so much and I wish you were still here with me!

No one has a duplicate hug that you give me every time you hug me
Each is filled with great warmth and love.
I know this can’t be goodbye
Because I know you are always with me
Not physically but spiritually.

I’m going to see you
someday but not today
and someday we’ll be reunited again.


Dedicated to my Nanay dear ❤ R.I.P

By: Carla Completo

I miss you

It’s been awhile since you’ve been away.
Every night I pray that time would turn back when you were still here with me.
I miss how you smiled.
I miss how you tucked me in bed.
I miss everything.
Everything about you…

When I was a little girl you took me to places that I’ve never even saw
You taught me how to read.
You taught me how to write.
You taught me how to never be afraid of growing up.
But now you’re gone, I pray to God he’ll give me another chanceTo be by your side.

Because, Nanay I miss you. I miss everything about you.
All the days you were still here I still remember how loud you were.
But now all those things just keeps replaying in my head.
No matter how many years that you won’t be here,
I pray to God that he’ll keep you safe.

Dear Nanay,
time flies by that I can’t believe that it’s been a year
since you’ve been away, it just seemed like yesterday you were here with me.

I love and I miss you so much…


This poem is dedicated to my mother dear who passed away last year 2011 of November battling cancer, not breast cancer but the deathly one 😦
I miss her so much! Rest in peace Nanay ❤

By: Carla Completo