This Turkish Guy…

So there was this Turkish guy that my friend has and they’re really great friends where they’ve known each other since they were kids. Well he asked how her friends are like in the Philippines so she had this picture of the two of us. I was wearing shorts while she was wearing this gorgeous black floral dress.  Well anyways he asked her for my number and asked her if I was an EASY girl. Nice question dude…hahaa but no…I’m not an easy girl. You know the saying “Stop playing hard to get?” Well I am hard to get. But yes he asked my friend that.  Anyways, he chatted me up first, wow surprising haha. Some guts eh? Well we exchange pictures (safe nice pictures okay?) We talked had great conversations. Learned how to say a few words in Turkish…damn that language is DIFFICULT TO WRITE AND PRONOUNCE!

Well…slowly I was liking the guy…not to worry I wasn’t falling for him. He’s a good guy to share a conversation. What can I say I had butterflies in my stomach.  But you know nothing lasts forever sadly our conversations and exchanging pictures and asking about each other’s night and day had to end…somewhere. Thanks…friend!

I’ll NEVER play truth or dare…never! Honestly if you’ve never dared me to do that…we would be talking now. But…we’re not, so I hope everyone is happy. He probably hates my guts or he’s just being such a sensitive guy. I said my apologies and nothing. NADA. ZILCH. NONE. NO ANSWER 😦

All that worry for nothing. I literally wrote what I wanted to say and rehearsed it like an idiot donkey.

I am really sorry though.

Sometimes I miss talking to you…I know sounds weird/crazy but I doubt you do…cuz you’re just a guy.


withlovemisscc ❤