It’s the little things that count! Like seriously!

by withlovecarlacompleto

So I have this Tagalog speech class for summer and I am freaking out on what to write because I have no idea what to write because I know nothing about writing in Tagalog especially when it’s for a valedictorian speech. None of my classmates wants to help me maybe because they’re busy doing their speech.  Ugh! 

Anyways I asked someone to help me out & you know what he’s not even a close friend of mine. I asked him already prepared for the answer would be either “Sorry I can’t help you” or “I don’t know” but he said he would. 🙂

So I sent him my English version and he was surprised that it was looooong hahaha….soooory 😦

But here’s my point, why would this person help me rather than have my classmates do it? Now that guy is one nice person 🙂 I mean I don’t expect him to help me at all because I’m so used to being turned down. I mean he took his time and effort.

Like my friend Sof says “it’s the little things” it really is the little things ❤

I am just so kilig tonight 🙂

Goodnight xx