Someone I Admire…

by withlovecarlacompleto

Someone I admire…well I admire a lot of people like Oprah, Beyonce, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Anne Frank but the most people I admire are the people I know and love 🙂

The first person I admire is my Lolo Poleon…Rest in Paradise Lolo I miss you so much.

Why I admire him? He pushed all his kids (my mom and aunts, and uncles) to go to school. He said “if you have knowledge no one can ever take that away from you” therefore he made sure everyone had a degree and finished college. All of his kids (9) finished college and now are all professionals and all thanks to him. I have so many memories with him. He has always been such a big part in our lives. I remembered when I was still a young girl he would fetch me from school and we would take long walks. It’s been almost 8 years since you’ve been gone but never in our hearts. I miss you so much Lolo.

The second person I admire is my Tita Inday. She is the eldest child of the 9 children that my Lola and Lolo have. I admire her for so many reasons. She’s truly a hard working person. She was the first one to work abroad and she petitioned my Lola and Lolo to come to America then petitioned her younger siblings. She worked hard so that she can have a good life. She’s a single lady no husband and no children. But she’s not like one of those cranky old lady she’s a person who has a huge heart and very generous. I love her style, for her she has a lot of beautiful shoes and darling accessories. I also admire her because she’s a breast cancer survivor 🙂 

The third person I admire is my mommy. My mom might be strict and hard on me sometimes but now I do realize it, she did all those things for me. I guess when you’re young and well naive you do think that. She’s so tough on me sometimes but I guess it paid off because only her can break me down no one else. I thank her for everything. She’s done a lot for me and for my daddy.

The fourth person I admire is my daddy. My daddy is like my best friend he will always be my number one man in my life. He will always be my king. I admire that he will do about anything just give me a stable life. He’s the one I come to when I need advice or just to talk. 

The fifth person I admire is my Nanay. I miss her dearly. She’s one of the strongest woman I know. She never showed sadness when she was supposed to. She fought hard but cancer was too strong. 

The last but not least person is my sister Bambi. She’s one of a kind really. She’s like a rebel and a good girl mixed together haha. I know that she is a hard headed stubborn person but she is truly the nicest and coolest sister ever. I can always tell her stuff and just mostly about anything. She’s been through a lot in her life and not a lot of people know that and it’s okay. I admire her for standing on her own even though there are a lot of people watching and waiting for her to fall. In the end it’s all up to us to live our life. If we live miserably that is our choice. 

I actually admire more people but I’m too lazy to write more…hahha