Every relationship needs closure…(just that you’re an asshole!)

by withlovecarlacompleto

In every relationship you need closure not for them but for yourself because you owe yourself that. Instead of wondering what went wrong or if you did something wrong  ask them.  I’m sure they’ll fill you in what happened to the relationship. No one likes being standing on a cliff and you just wait there. I deserved an explanation! He owes me at least that! 

My friend and I were talking and she was telling me that I shoould message my ex.  Was she insane? I ain’t messaging my ex…for what? LOL. First I had to unblock the guy and I didn’t want to block him. So instead I let her unblock him lol. She also pasted the message that I wrote for him, short and simple. He replied fast…and the answer I got was not the answer we expected.  To cut it short…he’s an asshole to the max!!!

All to say was he really is an asshole! He deserves to be with a bitch!

How do you expect to find a good woman when you act like that? Bless your heart and soul dude! I’ve never met and encountered a guy like you! You have no heart nor soul! The only thing you’re great at is manipulating girls and thinking that they are in love with you! I feel sorry for you and your life! I hope your daughter does not end up like you nor her mother. She’s too pretty! I hope one day you will realize it.