Fun 20 Facts about Me :)

by withlovecarlacompleto

I’m bored so I’m just gonna do this fun facts about me 🙂

1. I used to have braces when I was 8 years old only in my top teeth because to tell you the truth my teeth were HORRIBLE & when I was in senior year high school I had braces as well both in my top teeth and bottom teeth. Now my teeth are nice and pretty all thanks to my Tita Nonelle 🙂

2. I started wearing eye glasses when I was in my second grade 😦 I was called four eyes by my daddy lol. I never liked wearing them because my mom kept picking my glass frames for me.

3. My favorite colors are lavender, mint green and teal.

4. I love shoes! I don’t think a girl can have too many shoes. I love love sandals but I love heels and pumps as well but I don’t know how to rock a pump…sadly but it’s true 😦

5. I like being tan and not being white and pale. 

6. I have two tattoos. One on my back with a scorpion tattoo with my mother’s initials and one on my ankle of an anchor with a pink bow. I plan to get another two more.

7. I used to have an industrial piercing on my left ear.

8. I took taekwando classes when I was 13 or 14 years old.

9. I never had a close friend/best friend Filipina until now that I lived in Iloilo City. Most of my close friends were Mexicans 🙂

10. I’m not very athletic. I suck at running. 😦 

11. I have never broken a bone in my entire life 🙂

12. My favorite animals are dogs, elephants, pandas, and owls.

13. I can’t sing not even karaoke. I’m a really horrible out of tune singer. God didn’t bless me with a voice like Whitney Houston.

14. I’ve never smoked cigarettes in my life 🙂

15. I would prefer Dr. Pepper than any sodas but since Dr. Pepper doesn’t exist in Iloilo City I’d rather go for Coke or Mountain Dew or Sprite.

16. I love collecting seashells.

17. I love collecting dream catchers.

18. I’ve been in love just once…

19. My first kiss was with a guy named Niko.

20. I was born in Iloilo City but SoCal raised…well more like Santa Ana you know in the 714 area 🙂

That’s all…man that was difficult to write…consist of thinking