Infatuation vs Love

by withlovecarlacompleto

Don’t get those two mixed up!

I know people throw the word LOVE like it’s nothing. 

Before you can say to someone you love them make sure that you really really love them for everything, for who they are as a person, for the bad and the good. You can’t love someone just the good bits of them. Love takes time. Love doesn’t ask for much. When a person tells you “I THINK I’m in love with you” he’s not sure if he really does so don’t get so worked out. The word LOVE is a big thing. Only say it to someone if you really truly care about them. People mistake Infatuation to Love. It’s quite different you see. Love is so much stronger than infatuation. Infatuation is you think you’re in love with the person because they are pretty and beautiful, you only see the beauty in them by how they look and not really for what’s on the inside. It’s the physical stuff that you see, for example how they look, they’re body, whatever that’s on the inside. Love on the other hand is much more. A person falls in love with your imperfections, your flaws, everything about you. They’ve seen the ugly things in you but still thinks you’re an incredible person. When a person has seen you wake up in the morning and see how you really look like without make up and any cover up and still thinks you’re the most pretties girl and falls in love with your weirdness and your quirks, that’s love.  

So therefore don’t get those two mixed up. Don’t tell me you’re in love with me when you know nothing about me. It’s called lust or infatuation whatever that may be, but it’s not love. If I was stupid I’d fall for it but I’m not.