35 Designers Bags To Buy Now And Wear Forever

by withlovecarlacompleto


Designer bags are like chocolate (Ok,they are better!!!) ! You don’t have it every day but once in a while falling into the temptation it is just ok and it has to be something noble, beautiful,… expensive! What is their fascination factor?! It is the irresistible mixture of perfect design, high quality materials, excellent workmanship and the prestige and glamour of a luxury label.

Sure, often designer bags cost several monthly salaries, but they are also an investment for life, if you know what and how to choose, and not a trend article that is literally unbearable and difficult to worn after two years.
I had looked around the web and created a list of the most beautiful designer and luxury bags this fall . Tote bags for everyday,clutches to the melt after, box bags to fall in love ,everything a girl can dream! Dream and why not ,choose one or…

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