N O V E M B E R :) (welcome…be good to me & good vibes please)

by withlovecarlacompleto

So November has a lot of occasions to look forward to 🙂

November 1st it’s my grandma’s 93rd birthday…WHOAH right? haha. Yeah she reached the big 9 3. It is also the day of the dead later on which means we will be visiting my Nanay & Lolo, my Tatay and Lola.

November 5 is my Nanay’s birthday…I miss her dearly ;( I miss her so much, I miss her hugs, kisses, cuddles, laughter, I miss everything about her. She’s the most strongest woman I know. She carries everything with positive attitude. She’s the rock in our family, knows how to bring each and everyone of us close together. If I could relive just a day to see her I’d take that chance. You know a lot of my family has said they’ve dreamed about her but sadly I haven’t ;( I want to though. 

November 7… turning 22 gosh I’m getting old

November 9? Birthday celebration 🙂

Anyways there’s just a lot of occasions that’s all 😉 too many things to write and my pinky hurts ;(

Good night all 🙂

Let’s all have a wonderful month…mwahhhs