Soooo…who’s ever drunk text their ex boyfriend?

by withlovecarlacompleto

Admit all you girls have done lol

Anyways I must admit I have done it. My ex is well we are far away from each other so I couldn’t drunk call him. But I did send him a very long message on facebook consisting these words: 1. i wish your next girlfriend is ugly 2. i miss you 3. fuck you 4. you suck 5. i miss you and i’m not supposed to 6. ahhhh

Yeah those are my words. Those are the words that Moquito, Tequila and Mr. Jack Daniels had in me lol

My ex well he’s not like those ex that are heartless and whatnot. 

Next next next time I’m gonna make sure that when I get drunk I’m going to turn off my wifi so that I won’t have access to facebook and whatever apps there is.

So ladies make sure you don’t drunk text your ex again lol.