Is it just me or has anyone ever gone through this before?

by withlovecarlacompleto

So me and my ex broke up not because we fought or anything or I was cheating or he was cheating. We broke up because we were too far away from each other 😦 I honestly think if I stayed and went to school there me and this guy would still be together.  Anyways my question is…is it normal to miss him? Me and him has never fought, why because me and this guy were just starting our relationship. Me and this guy were perfectly happy and then I left ;( I miss him dearly ;( And he says to me that he misses me too.

Here’s the problem: D I S T A N C E. He’s in California while I’m here in the Philippines studying.

After being okay from our break up we started talking. He’s told me before that he doesn’t talk to his ex but he still talks to me because he said we broke up differently.

If this guy doesn’t have a girlfriend by this year maybe then maybe. It’s hard to tell.

Sometimes I wish I could be some heartless girl that didn’t have any feelings…Confusing thing ever!