When I look for a guy (future ones)

by withlovecarlacompleto

When I look for a guy I look for someone who I can be with in the future not some guy I can be with for a couple of weeks or months. I want someone who I can look at and say he’ll THAT guy. I know it’s different for me to say this but I want a real thing not some puppy love. I don’t want a relationship where a guy just says I can only see you as my girlfriend as of today.  I want to be with someone who’s great with kids and who loves kids because in the future I want my very own kids.  I want to be with someone who’s motivated to do his best.  Someone who’s been through enough to know what he wants.  I want someone who’s smart, outspoken, MATURE, fun, and puts me in place when I am wrong.  I want someone who’s adventurous and can keep me balanced.  I want someone who’s taller than me 🙂  I want someone to inspire me.  I want someone who’s close to their family (but not too close).  I want someone who’ll be my best friend.  I want someone who’s not afraid of life.  I want someone who I can see myself in the future and say his my husband.  I don’t want to date and go on flings and get played.  If I see the real thing I want to keep it.  I want someone who I can say “I need you in my life” rather than “I want you in my life” see the difference?  I want someone who has this bad boy thing going on but know in his heart he is a gentleman and a sweetheart.  I want someone who has work for sure and a car.  I want him to be the best that he can be.  I want someone to say that he is good enough for me.

I don’t want someone who will just stay where he is right now and won’t be motivated.  I don’t want someone who does drugs and is stone head. I don’t want someone who is sooooo cocky and thinks they are such a hot ass stud muffin when they really aren’t.  I don’t want someone who’s a lazy bum and does video games all day every day.  I don’t want someone who smokes, no I’m sorry, no can do.  I don’t want someone who’s a disrespectful guy.  I don’t want someone who’s a little kid.

I just want a man who will be proud of me as I am proud to have him. I don’t want a perfect man, I just want a real one.