by withlovecarlacompleto

I may not be an expert on giving out advice but I’ll write what I know and what I’ve experience and what my friends have shared with me.

  • There is no age when it comes to love. You can honestly fall in love with someone at the age of 10 if you feel it. Sure it could be puppy love. But hey sometimes people get married with their childhood lovers.
  • Trust yourself. Trust your intuition.
  • Don’t get too attached with your boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Don’t give them your EVERYTHING. Leave something for yourself.
  • If he really loves you like he says he does, he can wait.
  • If he really cares about you then he will respect you
  • If he values your relationship, he won’t risk losing your trust and won’t hide anything from you.
  • If you are not happy, then just tell him/her than you want out. Simple. But NEVER EVER EVER CHEAT! You get nothing!
  • Don’t wait for the right time. There’s never a right time. Sometimes when you wait for the right time, the person tends to be gone and you’ll be left with regrets!
  • If you feel like you love that person and you’re ready to say it to them. Say it to them. Let them know. Forget about the rules. Forget what people tell you, because sweetie, they’re not the one who’s controlling your feelings.
  • NEVER EVER EVER exchange nude pictures with your boyfriend online!!!
  • If he/she is worth it, you’ll fight for them till the end.
  • You can’t fall in love without getting hurt.
  • You just need to have a little faith.
  • If you have found someone good and who will treat you right. Don’t lose them.
  • Don’t listen to people when they tell you about your relationship.
  • Keep your relationship private, less drama, less fights.
  • Be honest!
  • Don’t lie and cheat!
  • Stand up for them.
  • If you guys have an argument, fights or anything. It’s normal. Don’t say lets break up. Relationship is like life. Think of it like that. When life throws something at you, do you give up on life? No. You keep going. When your relationship gets rocky and you fight. Do you give up? No. You fix it. Both of you fix it.
  • It’s NEVER okay to hit your boyfriend or girlfriend!
  • Respect each other and each other’s boundaries.
  • Each one has a limit!
  • Accept their past. Everyone has a past. Some has a dark past. Accept them. Help them. Don’t judge them based on what they did in the past. You’ll never learn to love them if you keep looking back.
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO.
  • Stop being such a prude with him. Everyone has a dirty sexy side. Don’t be such a nun to your boyfriend.
  • It’s okay to cry. Everyone’s been there.
  • Love yourself first, before you love someone else.
  • Don’t forget the people who love you. Don’t forget your family and friends!
  • Balance your friends and your love life and your family.
  • Tell them what is bothering you.
  • Don’t just tell them you love them, SHOW them!
  • Actions speaks louder than words!
  • Did I mention…don’t cheat? Yes don’t cheat!

I think that’s all… 🙂