Day 4 (10 Likes & 10 Dislikes) ** late post

by withlovecarlacompleto


1. I like the cold

2. I like elephants

3. I like food

4. I like photography

5. I like writing

6. I like traveling

7. I like shorts and long dresses

8. I like milk tea with boba

9. I like guys with goals in life and who are motivated 

10. I like a lot of things


1. I dislike the heat

2. I dislike mosquito.

3. I dislike biting creatures who sucks my blood

4. I dislike being sick

5. I dislike this one teacher

6. I dislike having feelings (sometimes I wished I could pause my feelings and not feel anything)

7. I dislike animal cruelty.

8. I dislike cancer very very very much

9. I dislike horror movies

10. I dislike when guys lead us on and then after what they already got just dump us like we were nothing to them