What is L O V E?

by withlovecarlacompleto

Well for me Love is a very broad explanation 
You can love your family, your friends, god and everything in the world.
But love is also shared by two people.
When in love there are sacrifices that is needed. Some couples are away from each other for a reason. Not because they want to
but because they have to without a choice. And if both of you are in love, you’ll sacrifice a little. Love can make you feel the happiest
person in the world. Love is when someone’s happiness is more importnant than yours. Love is based on two people who really care
for each other, has respect for one another, their happiness is together as one, when they can act as themselves and tell everything to
each other without being awkward. Although love sometimes hurts but that’s the risk you eventually have to take. But I think love is a beautfiul
thing when it is shared by someone you really care and that person has the same feelings for you. Love isn’t just a word you throw at someone
it is a strong word that should only be said to someone if you’re ready to say it and know in your heart that you’re ready to commit to someone.
To take in everything even if there is pain when it comes to love.