I’m Scared…

by withlovecarlacompleto

I’m really scared to get my heart broken 😦

Maybe he’s found someone new, someone better than me. I mean come on he’s mature and I’m just this young innocent girl who’s still in school. Maybe he wants someone who’s more experienced and his age. I’m just scared to put my heart out there even though I know I shouldn’t but this LDR sucks 😦

I hope all this over thinking is wrong… because it’s driving me crazy.

I’m gonna put myself to gym so that I won’t be checking my phone all the time. I reminded myself not to expect anything. If he text you back then be happy but if he doesn’t then it’s whatever but I’m not gonna stop asking him how he is or how his day is because if anything happens I know for sure I did my part. I just hope nothing happens bad.  If our relationship ended I would probably be really numb. I’d probably just have a boring life. School and home. But this is scaring me 😦 I’m going to give myself a week if he starts talking or not. If he doesn’t then…I know where I stand.