Gullible much? I think so…

by withlovecarlacompleto

The things that I really hate the most is when you have this friend who believes EVERYTHING what someone tells them and then tells other people about what those other people have told them. I hate hate hate hate that! In this world you can’t be too trusting and gullible. People are scandalous. Some are traitors. Some and liars. Majority of those people who spread false information about others are insecure and have nothing to do with their lives and are pathetic! If your life is boring maybe you should do something productive instead of messing with someone else’s happiness.

So what if they do drugs. So what if they’re dating so and so. So what if his/her parents can only afford this. So what if she’s a gold digger. So what if they’re like that.  Are you paying for their school? Are you feeding them? Are you the one who is taking care of them? NO. If the answer is NO then you have no right to interfere in their life. Stop talking shit on other people.  And if you know how use your own brain you would know how to think for yourself and not BELIEVE everything you hear!  Because you know what? Not everything you hear is true! Come on now, you’re smart, use YOUR OWN BRAIN!