Need to keep myself busy

by withlovecarlacompleto

So I know this is so wrong of me. I don’t want to feel like I’m a nagger or that type of girlfriend who’s clingy. I mean I say I’m not clingy but from what I see from my actions I think I am when it comes to a bf/gf relationship.  It’s not good.  I don’t want to be a nagger nor a clingy gf. Maybe I should take the time off messaging him. I don’t want him to think like I’m this crazy girl who’s always checking up on him.  I know for a fact that he’s super busy with his work and I should be an understanding girl.  Come on 2 jobs is hard to do. So I think I should just take a deep breath and calm down.  If he says he cares he obviously does.  Nothing is gonna go wrong. I should just stop over thinking.  Maybe I need a hobby.  I’ve always wanted to start an finish a scrapbook.  So I’m thinking of starting one.  I’m going to develop all my summer pictures and put them in a scrapbook and make it all pretty and creative. For now I need to keep myself busy and preoccupied.  I can’t be always checking my phone if he replies to me or not because I know one thing’s for sure…he’s busy.  I guess that’s the hardest thing about being away.  You don’t know if they’re thinking about you or missing you.  But sometimes okay majority of the time I do over think myself and it’s not good.  This is harder than what I thought it would be. It’s not like I don’t trust him. I trust him.

Things to keep me busy.

1. Start and finish my summer scrapbook

2. Focus on losing and being fit (go to a nice gym and get informed)

3. Save up money…I really really have to try

4. Be busy with school

5. Do some chores around the house

6. Bake something

7. and others….

I just need to remind myself that nothing bad will happen.  Be an understanding girl. 

This distance can either drive me crazy. I don’t know people can do it. Props to those people though. Oh gosh help me.  I’m stronger than this. I shouldn’t let emotion control me.

Wish me luck…