The Sweetest Ever

by withlovecarlacompleto

I always enjoy every chance I get to talk to you even for just a few hours or a few minutes 🙂

You’re the sweetest ever ❤

Even if I’m here here in the Philippines and you are 7,285 miles away from me there’s always that one thing that makes us close…which is skype 😀

I always enjoy my company with you & I really really really wish that one day I’m gonna see you again! I miss you so much! Words will never describe how much I miss you!

Sometimes I wonder…out of all the beautiful, hot girls in the world…why me? 

But all I know is you’re so worth my time & I hope I am too.  You’re the first one I’ve spent so much time on & I hope it’s not a mistake.

I miss you my sweetheart ❤