by withlovecarlacompleto

You know what I realize? Distance means nothing when someone means a lot to you.

Talking about my past ex boyfriend! Seriously dude I was away for two months and you’re complaining how hard it would be to communicate with me. He lived in California and I was on vacation in the Philippines for two months and you couldn’t wait for me, for two months?! You said you had a job. Just one job. It’s not complicated. You said it would be hard to communicate with me because you didn’t know the time difference. There is google, you could always check google and search up the time difference in California to the Philippines. It’s not that hard.  Distance is just a number. Sure it’s hard to be in a long distance but if I mattered to you, you would have worked to save it not the other way around.  You know the saying “love isn’t measure by distance, distance is just a number, if you mattered to someone that much, they’ll work around it.”  Apparently you didn’t make it into my life, which I’m glad.

Now there’s this guy that I currently like okay more than like. He makes me smile. I don’t know how he does it but he does. Despite the fact that he is very tired from his work he always manages to make time for me. He always talks to me, skypes me whenever he’s free and doesn’t count the minutes on how long we’ve been on skype. He asks about how my day is and whatever. We are far from each other yet he makes an effort. If you want me to be part of your life, you better put me there. I’m not a second option. And this guy doesn’t make me an option. And maybe there’s a reason why I like this guy…

For now, I’m very content with my life. I miss him like crazy. I hope he’ll wait for me as much as he says he would. We will both just see.  Time will only tell what’s in store for me and that someone 😉

His name? will still be a mystery….hahaha