Trust & Communication is KEY

by withlovecarlacompleto

If you don’t trust your boyfriend/girlfriend then why be with them? Why waste your time wondering and stressing yourself out if they’re with other girls/guys.  You need to be able to TRUST them.  Especially if you are in a long distance relationship. Be a loyal gf/bf to them.  Trust them and let them trust you. Without trust in a relationship it just fails.  Communication is key to a great relationship.  Always talk to them what you feel or what bothers you.  Tell them you love them, tell them what your day was like, tell them you miss them, tell them anything.  Without communication what is a relationship?  Sure you need to love one another but being IN love and TRUST and COMMUNICATION is different. Without Trust and Communication how can your love grow?

If you’re not ready to be committed don’t take it. You want to hook up? Hook up then.  But if you’re not ready to open up your heart to someone, don’t open it to someone who then will care for you and then later on in life, you break their heart.

It takes 2 to work out a relationship, not one.  So build that trust and that communication with your significant other 🙂