A guy with a SMILE and that EYES can make me really blush!

by withlovecarlacompleto

The first thing I notice about a guy is their smile or their eyes but either way it’s either or.  But I can definitely go crazy for a guy’s smile! If I don’t see a smile I go for their eyes and vice versa.  But honestly I can see a guy from far away if he has a nice smile it’s like I have this detector, if you know what I mean.  

And whenever that guy has a nice smile I can never look at them, my stomach does this millions of cartwheels inside me, it’s crazy! And I can never have an eye contact with them because I know for sure I’ll just blush over and over again.  That’s my weakness when it comes to guys their smile and eyes can make me have all this crazy butterflies fluttering inside my stomach.