I’d rather be fat than be mistaken to be anorexic

by withlovecarlacompleto

Some people don’t know how to keep their mouth shut or they don’t know when to put their foot down! You know if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it because if you say something disrespectful? Well expect a disrespectful answer! And to think of it, that my own friend would say that?! Wow, I swear I really need to let some people in my life go. Why do I keep wasting my time on them? 

Have you ever seen a person who’s in a vacation watch their diet? They are in vacation! Let them have fun, let them enjoy, let them do what they want to do! I mean I honestly have not met anyone who watched their diet while they’re on vacation unless you are like one of those self conscious people who count their calories before eating. I AM ON A VACATION!!! 

So what if I’m getting fat on my vacation? I’m enjoying! Why the need to say it? I’m pretty sure I know it already. The next time you feel shitty, I should return the favor. Let’s see how you feel. I’ll be here for another month so therefore I’m going to enjoy every moment I have. Why do I need to worry? And why are you worrying about my LIFE? Don’t YOU have a life? Worry about yours! 

But here’s the thing. I can lose my fat easy. That is why there is called a gym? And once I get my weight back on track, next thing I know you will be the one calling me gym-a-holic. 

I’M ON A FREAKING VACATION Let me be. It’s been a year and 6 freaking months that I haven’t been home! Do you know how hard that is? No I don’t think you know! I have people that misses me here back home in California, but wait, will your friends miss you if you went away? Hmm…if you keep treating your friends like that…well…we’ll know the answer right?


**Just some random rant I needed to say***