Missing You By: Carla Completo

by withlovecarlacompleto

So this poem is dedicated to my Grandpa 🙂
May he rest in paradise. It has been 7 years gone and I still miss him. I wrote this a long time ago and I just found it. I wrote it when I was in the plane going home to the Philippines. I was really devastated when I heard about the news. So therefore I put my thoughts and feelings on paper.  I miss my Lolo a lot! Please do not take this as your own. I will find you!


Sometimes I cry myself to sleep thinking of you of how much I love you so much.
Oh how I wish you could be by my side, I know that you would always be with us, guiding us and watching over us.
I sure hope you are at peace in heaven where you truly belong.
I would never change a thing about you, my one and only grandpa that I adore.
You are the best thing that has ever happened to all of us.
I could never ask for more.
I thank God that he brought you into this world.
Now I pray to God to keep you safe and at peace.
I don’t really know how to express my feelings but I hope you you are here
Spiritually here with me, I miss you so much Lolo Poleon.