I gave up on my crush from Olive Garden :/

by withlovecarlacompleto

So basically I have given up on this guy. I honestly thought he’s nice, down, chill and what not kind of guy but my assumptions are wrong. Maybe he’s not nice. I sent him a message and I know for a fact that he’s online but he just won’t reply back to me. 😦 And he is the only person that I get excited when I see him online or if he replies back but now I’m just whatever with it. He’s probably seen it but just doesn’t want to read it. So by reading between the lines he is not interested. I mean I didn’t want to get ahead of himself and ask for a relationship. But maybe that’s what he thought. Maybe he thinks I’m a crazy, psychotic girl 😦

So therefore, that olive garden cutie waiter, how will you ever know I had a crush on you? When I’m probably gone to the Philippines…