When it comes to confessing how I feel about someone? I’m a wuss :(

by withlovecarlacompleto

Whenever I have a crush on anyone. If I really like someone in particular I can’t stop looking at their picture, check on their stuff and what not. I know weird and staler status right? You all probably think I’m a stalker.  But really? I’m not I’m just curious. I won’t stalk them from work to school, that’s just plain weird and freaky. 

Anyways, whenever I like someone I NEVER have the guts to tell them how I truly feel about them. I just can’t find it in myself to tell him.  Why? Because I’m scared. I’m scared to get my heart crushed :/ But then I regret it. I regret on why I didn’t tell him.  Or I regret sometimes on why I told them. It’s so complicated. I sometimes am complicated.  Sometimes I really just want to tell him but I can’t. I’m just a chicken. 😦

Or sometimes I tell them via internet which I think is super lame! Most of the time I will message it to them and then never go on for it for months so that way whatever they have to say to me, I’ll be ready for what they have to say. Or most of the time when i no longer feel anything for them I will tell them about how I felt about them when it no longer matters. I’m weird like that. 

And now I have this crush on this guy. He’s the olive garden guy that connects to my story of the Love Pimple. He’s cute and he looks nice.

I need some guidance on how to tell him how I feel. I just don’t know how. 😦

Good night lovelies 🙂