Summer pictures in California

by withlovecarlacompleto

Hey readers 😊
So I haven’t really updated about me but right now I’m not in the mood of Facebook and instagraming so therefore I shall share to you about my summer here in Cali 😊

I think this was on Saturday. The second person I saw when I arrived here in California. I saw him along with our friend Denise. We just ate at Hot and Juicy similar to Boiling Crab. Then taught me how to inhale a vap.




After, going out my auntie went to yogurt passion to get me yogurt😊 Simply the best! Then while I was staying at my uncle’s house my uncle and I drank some Stella Rosa😊🍷



Then it’s Easter Sunday! I went to church with the fambam😊




I have more pictures to show you guys but I have to just stop right there. I’ll write when I get back home. I am currently at my aunt’s house.

So far my summer vacation is going great! I like this cold sunny weather thing. I’ve hung out with Chea, Denise, Adriana and Selena so far😊

I need to see these people before I leave and my summer will be complete. My love Annie, my girl Jackie, Jazmin, Kathy, Jamilynn and her twin, Ruth, Mary, Brianna, Linda, Elizabeth, Lissette, Yahaira, Stephanie, and a lot of other people.