Olive Garden’s cute hot waiter

by withlovecarlacompleto

Hey readers…

This connects to the love pimple post I wrote last night.

So I added this dude on facebook just because he was cute. I know how random and so not me. I don’t usual add people I don’t know nor accept people that I dont know.  Anyways, I added this dude. We talked from here and there. He wanted to hang out with me but I wasn’t down to hang out with him because I don’t know him.  But he lives around my area. And did I say that he’s cute? LOL. Yes he has really nice eyes and his piercings are sexy 🙂
I asked him where he worked at. He said Olive Garden.  Well see, Olive Garden is like my fave restaurant because they serve Italian food and it’s in my food list while I’m here in California for a vacation.

So then my friends Adriana and Selena and I ate at Olive Garden by Main Place Mall.  We were seated in the restaurant, good thing there wasn’t a lot of people.  Our waiter was okay, he seemed a bit annoyed by us. Why? Well this is what we 3 girls did. LOL
1) We get seated. Instead of ordering our food first we chit chatted. We talked about my life in the Philippines, my friends, school and love/crush life. And that went on forever.  Then our waiter came and asked us what to drink, not to bad right?  Then he asked if we were ready to order our food. Adriana says give us a couple of minutes more.

2) So the waiter gave us extra minutes to order.  Instead of doing that, we just talked, laughed and just had a good time.  Then he came back again! I think he came back like 3 times.  Geez dude! 

3) Then my friend Adriana complained that it was too hot in the restaurant, so we asked to be moved. And then BAM I saw HIM! 😀 Then I told Selena and Adriana about that dude.  I told them, “don’t you guys think he’s cute?” And they approved. I mean who wouldn’t. LOL. And they I said “look at his eyes, they are so nice” and we all looked at him and both said “yes he does have nice eyes.”

4) Then we were moved outside by the porch, and guess who was there outside? No one but us.  It was just the 3 of us thuggin it there LOL.  Then we did more talking about life and other stuff.  Then I told them the real story where I saw him.  So this GUY he was inside going around asking the customers if the food is good and if everything is alright.  My friends told me if the guy was really THE GUY maybe he looks different. You know how a picture on facebook can be and on the real life.  So I went on my facebook and I showed them his picture and both said at the same time “oooh he does have nice eyes”

5) After we ate, we paid.  Then I left a Philippines Peso tip with the dollar. LOL.  Then I told my friend A, to talk about the atm card or something like that.  So we made a huge deal about it.  And this guy was there 😀 I swear you not I could not even look at him 😦 I’m such a wuss, I know.  My friends were giving me death glare looks and told me to talk to him or say like “hey you look familiar” but I just couldn’t.  Therefore this guy brought it up and he said out of nowhere “hey weren’t you the one who added me on facebook?”  I couldn’t help but smile on the inside. I honestly didn’t see that coming.  And all I said was “yeah I did” very quietly.  And then asked what my name was and I answered him by Carla.  I didn’t further the conversation. Why? Because I was so freaking shy 😦 Both Selena and Adriana told me to talk to him more but I just couldn’t 😦  I just looked like a freaking statue. Boo 😦 And I kept hiding behind Adriana and I kept staring at him but when he look I look away. I know sounds corny.  Then our waiter came and told us about the atm card and that everything was good.

6) Then we went to the bathroom and just stayed there taking pictures and doing random duck face poses. LOL. I don’t even know how to pull that one off. So we were practicing. The waiters probably thought we were weird.

So that was my night at Olive Garden, a fun night. I sometimes hate myself because I can never have the courage to say hi to someone I have a crush on.  I probably will never see him again 😦 Unless I go to Olive Garden. LOL. I’m just kidding. 

Haven’t you ever had that feeling? when you see your crush or you like someone and you really want to talk to him but you are just glued at one place. Yeah it sucks 😦 

The thing about me, If I really like LIKE you as in I have a super huge crush on you, I can’t even look at you straight to the eye.  And I probably wont talk to you in person because I don’t know what to say. It’s such a sad life 😦  The only time I will talk to my crush is when I no longer have a crush on them.

I need to have some type of slick move you know what I mean? This blows. 

Yeah so dear crushie, you’re super cute well I think so, I don’t know about others. And you seem like a really nice guy 🙂