Love Pimple?

by withlovecarlacompleto

I think I have something to write about!

I don’t think there’s such thing as love pimple.

I used to get a lot of pimples but now it stopped.  I wash my face with warm to room temp with just dove or clean and clear soap for my face. So now I hardly get acne. Anyways that’s not why I’m writing. Not about pimple and my face.

Anyways, when I was in the Philippines I used to have this crush on a guy named Niko.  Then all of a sudden a pimple popped out in my forehead. Weird. It was weird because I don’t usually break out except if I’m stress or on my lady month cycle.  But I was so into this guy then out of nowhere it just began to show up on my forehead. It was so gross and disgusting 😦  After a few months I vowed never to say his name or think of his name for a month and luckily I didn’t.  And just that, my pimple slowly went away.  You might say I didn’t wash my face.  But when you’re in the Philippines SHOWER and WASHING your body and face is a MUST! The weather is very humid. So cleaning your body is a must unless you want to be icky and yucky then don’t shower.  Anyways, when I left the Philippines I didn’t have a crush on anyone 🙂 Not even this guy Niko anymore. I didn’t have anyone. My mind was clear.  And then when I came here, home in California, I added this guy on FB, why? because I thought he was cute. LOL. Yeah we talked but not a lot.  But when I saw his pictures on his FB I kept on smiling like a dummy.  He had the most gorgeous eyes ever, eyes to die for! And also he has piercings okay more like plugs and snake bites.  And oh he’s very tall, I mean taller than me of course.  Anyways, it’s so bad I always look at his stuff even though there is nothing. I mean I don’t mean to be a stalker but it’s like this. When you have a crush on someone, we tend to do that. I know it’s bad but it’s not like I’m stalking him. Like where lives, goes to school, work and wherever.  So I asked him where he worked at.  I didn’t expect for him to say where he really worked out. Anyways he said he worked at Olive Garden.  There’s practically a lot of Olive Garden in my area.  Anyways I was craving for Olive Garden way before this guy said he works there.  

So then, after a couple of days, we talk of here and there and I always get jumpy when he messages me back, I know so dorky of me, but whatever. Then all of a sudden, a pimple decides to invite itself out and pop herself by where my chin’s at. Like what the efff yo! I get the pimples are supposed to occur in your face, but I wanted it to be not anywhere in my face because when you take pictures you have to photoshopped that bitch ass pimple! Ugh I hate that!  Yeah, so what the heck is that supposed to mean? I mean I’m not even on my girly thing and there’s a pimple? I’m not even stressed! I feel…happy and jumpy? hahaha.

I wash my face like before I head out, like early in the morning and I wash my face right before I sleep.  So now because I like someone or I have a crush on someone it just magically appear wherever huh? What is that?

I hope no big ass pimple goes in my face anytime soon because they are ugly!

I think I should stop thinking about him and his face for awhile. 

But Ugh that smile and his eyes is so dreamy 😀

Remind me to write about my dinner with friends in OG last night

Alright, nighty night!