Jet Lag Sucks!

by withlovecarlacompleto

So I just arrived in California like 2 days ago. Actually I landed at around 12am so therefore it’s like one day haha. Anyways jet lag sucks ass! I can’t sleep. I want to sleep but my body and eyes are not cooperating with me.  I think the only time I slept was when I was reading a book. Haha. So typical.  

Anyways as of now, writing this it is 6:17AM & I have been up since 1AM talk about that. I should be tired but surprisingly I am not tired. I get tired in the afternoon. Oh and talk about weather change.  I came from a really hot weather and coming to California during this time is well…freezing cold! I am wearing a long pajama, a shirt, a socks, and a sweater and I’m still freezing. I’m not complaining. I actually like this weather (kind of). I don’t miss the heat though. When its hot I usually have rashes.

So instead of going to sleep I’m writing and perhaps watch a movie. I’m just listening to music for now. I wonder when I will sleep? Hmm..

Oh the sucky thing? I need to renew my license. I don’t have a license which means I can’t drive 😦 I do miss driving though.

Since I can’t sleep maybe once in awhile I should update.

Well toodles.