Grow up

by withlovecarlacompleto

I honestly think its pathetic when someone starts pointing their fingers to someone and causes rumors and gossips. And you know what’s more coward? When you get screwed and that other group finds out you are talking shit about them and confront you. And you who started the whole scene backs out and said you didn’t do anything. If you can’t handle what’s coming dont say it nor spread it. What’s likely to happen is all the people will hang up on you.
Who cares if someone didn’t follow you back on Instagram or follow you on twitter or doesn’t want to accept your friend request in Facebook?! What are you in grade school? The last time I heard you are 21 years old. Funny we are both the same age yet you act like a thirteen year old girl.
Maybe I have a mature brain.
But I have my childish immature moments you know but come on really? You starting an argument because someone doesn’t want to be friends with you on Facebook or etc. that is THE most lamest excuse ever!! Maybe you are just a seeking attention whore, sadly.
Grow up.