The Bet from a wattpad story

by withlovecarlacompleto

I downloaded some books from my wattpad account to spare myself of boredom in the house.  There was this title I came across “The Bet” so I was interested to read and find out what the story is all about. The synopsis was pretty interesting. Once I read it I could not put my phone down, it was a craze.  I wanted to keep reading it. I didn’t know it would have 50 or 60 parts I honestly thought it would just be 30 parts but no it was 60 something parts.  So I started reading it before I went to bed and instead of going to sleep at 10 I slept at 12am.  When I woke up I wanted to know what will happen next.  It must be that interesting because I overpass my stop. Instead of saying lugar to my place I said lugar to another place.  It’s really interesting and it could really happen to anyone.

Anyways here’s the summary of the story.

There was this 2 best friends who are guys and they both are in high school.  Their names are Drake and Andre.  They had this game and one lost so one had to do a bet. A bet is a bet no backing out right? Well the bet was to get a girl and ask her on a date then make her your girlfriend and then after that break her heart.  Fucked up right? 

Anyways if you want to read more just go download the app called “Wattpad” and start reading.