On my way home from school

by withlovecarlacompleto

This is a weird and kind of creepy story…

Since the Hibao-an jeep in the molo super-mart were packed as in super packed, these ladies wanted to ride in the tricycle and since I was waiting for more than an hour for the stupid jeep I rode with them.  I sat on the back of the tricycle.Image This is the back of a tricycle & this is where I rode with another girl beside me.  Anyways while we were on the road there was this motorcycle guy behind us. Nothing particular.  Except I thought he had nice eyes, that’s it. I didn’t think of anything else.  By the way he looks Middle Eastern.  Back to my story, while the tricycle was running he was behind us of I see him because I’m in the back.  He was looking at me or at least I think he was and I don’t even know this guy. He didn’t look like a bad person or maybe I’m mistaken. He smiled at me. Which I find weird.  A nice smile not one of those creepy I’m going to raper or kill you smile. Weird again.  Anyways I didn’t think much because I was just tired.  I didn’t get why he didn’t over take us.  Then one of the passenger got off at Ana Rose so of course the tricycle that I was on had to stop us and the vehicles behind us over took us,except this dude in the motorcycle.  He was alone. No one was behind him.  And then he took out his cellphone and pretended to talk to someone.  How do I know? Because usually when you’re making a call your mouth would be moving right?  Anyways, right there I thought that it was weird that he would stop. Why didn’t he over take us? It would make sense.  So I said to myself “I’m almost going to get off, if he goes straight then I’m overreacting BUT if he makes a U-Turn then he is following me”.  So after we dropped off the passenger, I got off.  I paid the driver. Then I thought he would go straight BUT NO NO NO he made a U-Turn and stopped at the waiting shed and looked at me. Isn’t that plain weird and scary? I saw the guard and my brother waiting for me by the gate. I turned around and I saw him staring at me and then left.  So I told the guard and my brother about my incident.  They said maybe he was going to snatch my purse but he didn’t have anyone riding with him.  And they joked that maybe he likes me or I’m his type. Ummmm…okay that’s just creepy I guess.  I mean he had nice eyes.  If I see him again I’d recognize him for sure. I couldn’t get a really good look at him because he was wearing a helmet but those eyes of his are sure nice. But still. Now he knows where I live. How freaking creepy is that?! At least he doesn’t know where exactly my house is.  Thank gosh there are guards by the gate.  I just hope nothing bad comes to this.