Girls are…

by withlovecarlacompleto

Girls are like detectives we find stuff quicker than you think you already know. When we ask you a question majority of the question, we already know the answer to, we’re just making sure that you don’t lie. So when you lie that’s strike 2. It’s better to just admit, you know it saves you a lot. We girls are gossipers (some) so if you do something plan on doing it somewhere not known because otherwise people might notice you and BAM you can get busted. Someone tells so and so and it can lead to your girl and then you (boy) gets B-U-S-T-E-D not a good thing by the way. I know girls are crazy and moody but hey don’t ever mess with us when we have our you know best friend that comes every month, because we are one crazy bimbo jumbo. From one minute we’re all like omg so fun and the next we’re like bitch I hate you. So therefore, when a girl asks you something, something fishy of course, make sure you man up.