To Schmeckler (a poem)

by withlovecarlacompleto

I used to write poems way back in high school, it was a way for me to express how I felt towards anyone. If I have ever written about you it would either be a bad thing but sometimes it was a good thing.  I found this on my facebook original found it in my myspace account.

The poem is called To Schmeckler. Schmeckler is a code name for me and my girl friends. It was this guy that I had a crush on way back in my junior year…I think. Do you know Ryan Schkler? The one white skater dude? Yes him. Well he looked like him when he shaved his head.

To Schmeckler…

You were hot, you were gorgeous.
You had the body of an athlete.
You took that shirt off like you wanted someone to see it.
You flirt with other girls like you wanted me to know.
You had eyes like an angel. You’re smile was something too.
You make jokes to pass the day by.
There will always be people telling me something bad about you.
People say, he is not who he is. He is not good enough.
He isn’t your type. He is a player. He is a jerk. He does bad stuff.
He smokes. It’s all type of those rumors.
Somehow I’m not that person who believes everything like that.
But are you? I guess you’ll never know.

By: Carla Completo