Summer in California? I’m beyond excited

by withlovecarlacompleto

I’ve been living in the Philippines for a year and 5 months something.  At first I thought I wouldn’t survive. I would get sad and I would miss everyone back home.  But then I started to think that it was MY choice to study here.  So therefore I made a sacrifice.  I made a promise to stay here BUT someone had to let me have a vacation at least just for the summer.  Well then, my mom asked me if I wanted to go home and without a doubt I said in a big fat YES! Of course I wanted to go home, I miss the weather, the food, the people, my sister, Janelle, my friends and of course my mom.  I just miss it there.  As for my dad, my dad wanted me to stay here in the Philippines until I graduate…do you know how long that was? Four freaking years! I will not stay in the Philippines without a break I will die okay not literally but I will really go crazy!  But my aunts asked me if I wanted to go on a vacation and I said yes, my dad tried to convince them that I should stay in the Philippines and take summer classes and at first they were considering it. I was just thinking if my dad really did that, in my case it will be the last time I will have a conversation with him. Don’t get me wrong I love my dad but really be in the Philippines without seeing anyone that I love and care about that’s like torture. It’s not like I had a crime record in the US and my parents shipped me over here in the Philippines, it was MY decision to study here. What’s the reasons? For many reasons. One reason, was so that I can have freedom. Think on my own without someone dictating what my answer should be. Be me. Try to think independently. Rely on my own. I wanted to know where I stand. I mean sure there’s my family but I wanted to know what I’m capable of since my mom never gave me that privilege maybe because she thinks I’m still a baby.  But I told my dad that I want to come and that’s that.  So therefore, one of my aunt was kind enough to make time from her busy schedule to help me book a flight, from Iloilo-Manila, Manila-LAX.  And I have my mom to thank for, for paying my ticket since the ticket was oh so damn expensive! I just hope that I will have a good time there in California since I miss it like this ______________________________much!!! That’s a lot right, because words can’t even explain how much I miss it.  I just hope my mom won’t be too strict. I hope she will let me go out with friends and my sister because if she won’t what’s the point of being there in the first place when she was the same person as she is now when I left the states. I just hope she realizes that her little girl is growing up. I can’t be a baby for a long time unless she molds me and makes me into a wax if you know what I mean. I just hope summer in California would be good because I’ve been waiting to get out of this place!

So summer in Cali? I’m so excited. I’m leaving March 28 so I’m counting the days 🙂