Praying and going to church won’t make you a good Christian

by withlovecarlacompleto

I find it very offensive when people who regularly goes to church and prays like everyday telling someone that doesn’t do it very often that THEY are a good Christian while others out there a bad Christian just because they don’t go to church.

Well let me tell you something and to whoever reads this. I for one am a Catholic-Christian, same thing we all believe in one God, anyways, I hardly go to church but I do pray but that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person.  I know SOMEONE who feels bad when they don’t attend church and they MUST pray everyday.  But I’m wondering why? Why do you feel bad if you don’t pray? Why feel bad if you don’t go to church? Did you do something wrong? I mean that’s the only reason why you should feel bad right? I mean when you go to church you should practice it. Like good deeds, random acts of kindness, loving and caring and what not. You don’t go to church just for you. You need to think of others. Thinking just about you is selfish.  I mean when you go to church, what do you pray for? Do you pray of your sins? I mean sure, yes pray for your sins, but also pray for others, your friends, family, your house, your neighbors, the world and everyone’s health, not just you.  And to say the least that when you go to church you should give up everything to God and praise him and when you are done with church you must take on a mission, to show love and help others. Not go to church and then when you’re done with church you curse everyone around you. I mean what’s the point of going to church when that’s all you will do. Might not even go anymore.  So you think by praying everyday and every night will make you a good Christian? I mean it’s like sitting in a car and saying you are one good driver. If you don’t practice it, it means give love to people, give thanks, appreciate the people you love, comfort them, if you don’t practice that then what are you? I’m not saying I’m a good Christian or a good person but I can say that at least I don’t have to go to church EVERYDAY to prove to everyone that I’m a good person. Don’t get me wrong I believe in God but I don’t have to church EVERYDAY, I mean I go to church every Sunday and whenever but you don’t need to do that.  And when you pray don’t be saying forgive for I have sinned when you’re going to do it again tomorrow, it’s like saying I won’t cheat on you again but we all know you are going to cheat.

Do you honestly think that when you go to church and then come out of church when it’s done and you use bad words do you think that you learned anything? I mean why curse others when you just finished attending church? Might as well stay at your home and something else rather than attending mass and being a complete hypocrite after.