It’s been a long time since I’ve written, so I shall write tonight

by withlovecarlacompleto

What shall I write about? Hmm I think about chocolates, food and me being on diet.

So when my aunties from abroad came here to visit I gained some pounds and now its time for me to get my weight back and my healthyness back. That means back to healthy food, back to exercise and what not. Well tonight actually like 5 minutes ago I ate like 20 pieces of swiss chocolates (tiny bars) I was supposed to eat snickers and the almond roca but my tummy was about to burst so I stopped.

Tomorrow will be the day that I will start on my diet which means no candy, no chocolates, no junk food and definitely no rice and no soda and no pancit canton. I will be back to my green tea and oatmeal and granola bars and fruits.  Besides eating I will exercise more.  Back to my routine, that means taebo at home and lunges, abs work out and cardio. This time no more excuses. I must get fit!

I made a bet with my friend Florence that we will go on a diet and whoever looses will treat one another either for lunch or dinner or a movie.

So it’s so on!!!

I Carla will do good and win this, which means dedication and hard work! No more slacking!