How to manage time difference between Philippines and California

by withlovecarlacompleto

At first when I tried to keep in touch with friends back home it was really difficult for them to know what time it would be in the Philippines but it was easy for me because my computer time is American time.  If you have loved ones in another country time difference is really difficult but there’s a saying that distance is just a number when someone means the world to you. But remember when you are in California and you want to know what time it is in the Philippines just add 3 for example it’s 7am in California so it must be 10pm in the Philippines. Remember Philippines is one day ahead of California. If it’s night in California it must be morning in the Philippines. So here’s the time:


  • 12am (midnight)- 3PM (afternoon)
  • 1am- 4PM
  • 2am- 5PM
  • 3am- 6PM
  • 4am- 7PM
  • 5am- 8PM
  • 6am- 9PM
  • 7am- 10PM
  • 8am- 11PM
  • 9am- 12AM (midnight)

The rest goes as follows if you keep repeating the pattern.

Remember there’s always a way to communicate with them, stop making an excuse!