Reading a good book is hard, I simply cannot stop

by withlovecarlacompleto

I just started reading this book in wattpad and I simply cannot put my phone down. I started reading 2 days ago and the story wasn’t cut it was just on going which I was happy about. When I wake up I open my wattpad and read and when I have nothing to do I just keep reading. Now its Saturday (my time) and when I woke up I want to know what happened to this character with this other character. Okay this might sound gross and TMI but when I go number 2 I take my phone with me and read, I know weird right? I simply have to tell myself “Carla put your phone down.”  I admit when I like a book and the story I will read the whole entire day. Is that weird? Like right now, I just simply took a break to write this down.

Just getting ready to go out with my tita to watch another movie “The Gangster Squad” I wonder if it’s a good movie…hmmm…

have a nice day xx