Possible places where I want to live

by withlovecarlacompleto

Besides growing up in the beautiful sunny California I want to live in San Diego (i know that’s in cali but where I lived before was not SD it was more like SA) I think living in San Diego would be nice, since I’ve been there and the place is beautiful and definitely not boring.

I want to live in San Francisco, yes by the bay area. I mean who doesn’t want to live there? The city is amazing, cool stuff, different cultures, different people and good food!

I want to live in Hawaii. Yes Hawaii, it’s so beachy and I want a house near the beach. I’ve always wanted a house near the beach. Hearing the sound of the waves is so relaxing and calming & you can always look at the sunset. *Btw sunset is my favorite*

I want to live somewhere in Spain, Madrid that is. I want something different. I want to go to many places before I go you know…to heaven that is. Maybe living in Madrid would be nice? I don’t know really but it would be a chance I would definitely take!

I would want to live in France. Somewhere in France, it’s so nice, well that’s what I’ve seen so far. I wonder if it’s nice.

I would want to live in Australia…

But I don’t think I can live in the Philippines, maybe in Boracay since it’s near the beach, maybe?