Some of my pet peeves

by withlovecarlacompleto

Things or people that can make my hair stand:

-When I have a conversation with someone and all they do is talk to the other person and text at the same time and literally ignoring the conversation I had with them. Next time if you don’t want to hear me talk just say something.

-When people give you their password to something and you think it’s right to just go to their email, twitter, facebook and etc and just check it out. Just because we gave you the password gives you nothing and it doesnt give you any right to “check our stuff out”

-When people buy an animal and then they treat their animals like crap. Just hate hate hate that!

-When people suddenly copy and follow what I like or liked before and now its suddenly their favorite thing to do.

-When people say they are hideous but they really aren’t that bad looking.

-When guys who put doesnt put the toilet seat down.

-When guys doesn’t shoot their pee in the toilet bowl

-Um there’s more to that but I think I’ll stop here.