Single Life

by withlovecarlacompleto

Hmm well it’s almost Valentine’s Day guys & guess what if you are alone this year guess what? So am I! But don’t fuss about it, don’t be so down and say you’re single. I mean sure we all have those days and wonder why the heck are we single when you see an ugly girl with a boyfriend. I mean I wonder that also when I see a cute attractive guy and his girlfriend is like the ugliest, cheapest, sluttiest girl ever. And I would see this girl who is really pretty and her boyfriend looks like really bad. Anyways, as for me I’ve been single for 3 years now, shit that is quite long. Sometimes I get lonely but I haven’t found that guy or at least not that I can call my boyfriend. I don’t know if I want a “boyfriend” maybe I want a guy but without the label, maybe like a seeing kinda type thing. I depend on myself way too much so having a boyfriend in my life would be too complicated. I wouldn’t know how to share my feelings and emotions with him, you know what I mean. Anyways, since I’ll be alone for Valentine’s Day I’m going to treat myself out like all the time, why fuss and mourn yourself that you are alone on that big lovey dovey day. I refuse to. Have a date with your mom, dad, sister, friend or anyone that you love and spend it with them. Love shouldnt just occur every year it should be said and act upon every day.

People fuss about not having a valentine’s day at least that’s okay but what about for mother’s day and father’s day some people can’t celebrate that special day because their parents are in heaven and you know what they don’t make a big deal.

For now I’m just enjoying what I can do for now. Freedom and fun and whatever I can do, it’s all a matter of time where it ends when I’m settled down. But for now, single life it is.

Valentine’s Day can kiss my @$$ I’m celebrating it with my #1 man…my daddy (i mean since my mom isn’t here because she’s in california)